Juice cleanses

*all Cleanses include 6- 16 fl oz of juice per day, along with a complimentary PLJ cooler & an instructional guide on how to cleanse.

*a $30.00 deposit is applied in addition to daily prices to ensure all of our mason jars are returned in good condition. After returning all mason jars, the deposit can either be exchanged for $35.00 in Pure Love Juice Store credit, or returned in full to the card or cash on file. Thank you for your understanding! 

*please note that any of the cleansing packages below can be fully customized to fit your preferences. 

Rainbow Cleanse

~ Pure Green . Pure White . Pure Yellow . Pure Orange . Pure White . Pure Red ~

1 Day $46.00 . 3 Day $135.00 . 5 Day $205.00

With nearly 20 pounds of fruits and veggies pressed into each day's allotment of six bottles, the rainbow cleanses is our highest in calories and nutrients. Considered our beginner's cleanse, we recommend this cleanse for those with a moderate to very active lifestyle.

  • beginners cleanse
  • highest in calories
  • a combination of lots of fruits and veggies
  • recommended for everyone that has a normal active life (school, children, work, workout etc)



~ Pure Green . Pure White . Pure Green . Pure Orange . Pure White . Pure Green ~

1 Day $48.00 . 3 Day $140.00 . 5 Day $215.00

With only one mid-day fruit juice as an energy booster, the fire cleanse is made with mostly green veggies. The fire cleanse is considered our intermediate cleanse. We recommend this cleanse for someone who has cleansed before and wants a bit more of a challenge.

  • intermediate cleanse
  • contains mostly greens except for one fruit juice in the middle of the day for an energy booster
  • recommended for someone that has cleansed before and wants something more challenging


Earth Cleanse

~ Pure Green . Pure White . Pure Green . Pure Green . Pure White . Pure Green ~

1 Day $50.00 . 3 Day $145.00 . 5 Day $225.00

Our lowest calorie cleanse is an amazing way to deeply alkalize your body. Consisting of mostly greens, the earth cleanse is our most advanced cleanse made for those whom enjoy a clam lifestyle. We recommend this cleanse for those with experience in the juice cleansing field. 

  • advanced cleanse fro experienced cleansers
  • very low in calories and containing only greens makes it good for alkalizing your body
  • for people that like to meditate and have a very low energy lifestyle


2oz shots 

$3.50 each

-recommended for a boost of energy

-our shots are perfect to replace caffeine


$3.00 each

Raw food cleanse

$55.00 per day

Want to get the most benefits from your detox experience? Check out this Raw Food Cleanse to prepare for or follow your juice cleanse. 

*in addition, this is a great stand-alone cleansing option, to kickstart a healthier eating regime.

Raw food cleanse

*every item listed below is customizable. you will be given 5 small meals throughout the course of your day. eat each meal every 2 - 3 hours throughout the day depending on how long your day is and make sure to have your last meal 2 - 3 hours before going to bed. for more details please feel free to call us at 520.815.9116

Wake Up

warm water w/ lemon


ginger shot &

fruit smoothie


juice, chia,

& nuts


wholeness bowl &



juice, chia,

& nuts


juice, chia,

& raw foods (salad,

spring rolls, & nori rolls)

in between each snack & meal : water & tea